I self-published a book at 17.

The question of why I chose to publish is complicated. I do love poetry though, showing people that I can do anything I aspire to, and proving them wrong. Which for me, are three good enough reasons to publish my own poetry collection.

I’ve been writing poetry for the past two years and sprinkled through middle school. It has helped me log my own feelings down through heartbreak, sorrow, love, and life. Like my own little timeline. A diary of prose. The best part is people do not know the essence of my metaphors and similes. They can only guess what they relate to, but it’ll forever be a mystery as to what, or who, I was thinking about when I wrote them.

Self-publishing was almost too easy. I won’t believe it till I have the final product of my paperback in my hands. I did it all through Kindle Direct Publishing and self-promoted it on my Instagram mccarthy_got_chalk. I have to say the hardest part was making the cover. Not so much making it because I’m an artist so the drawing was easy. I’m a master of all trades. However, trying to upload to kdp from canva.com was a nightmare. I eventually gave up on the back design and just kept the intricate front cover, leaving me disappointed but satisfied. I’m one of little patience. I did this in 4 whole days. Taking months to publish an 86 page book just isn’t my style.

Don’t get me wrong, for 4 days this book is all I did. It took up all the thoughts in my mind. For hours and hours and hours. Edit through the edit. Boy, do I hate editing. But when I was satisfied I published. I promoted. And now, I wait for the paycheck.

I always say I’m going to do something then don’t. This is your sign to do it. What is stopping you? Ew that sounded cliche. Am I wrong though?

Anyways you should definitely buy my book now by copy and pasting the link below in Google or searching my name on Amazon. And follow me to see more fun stories as I go through the young adult phase of life. If you have any questions I’d love to answer them. Just chat with me or comment below. I don’t really know all the buttons on this site yet.